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How is your relationship?

Do you know how to give attention and appreciation to each other?

Will your relationship be renewed, and will you grow as people in it?

It is natural for human relationships to renew and develop. However, this is often prevented if or when there is not enough time and energy for it.In renewing relationship therapy we focus on consolidating and redesigning different aspects of life through a conversational presence. In longer therapy processes, we also create a special reform plan, with which the renewal that promotes the well-being of the relationship can be started.

We will helpyou to face the challenges of your life together and to see your opportunity to grow as people together. Our service is based on an open conversation, where all kinds of topics and feelings are allowed to come up.


The meetings are held at the agreed place. The first meeting is a free mapping session that lasts about 45 minutes. During this meeting, we can feel the suitability of the service for your situation, and you can express your wishes regarding the therapy. The actual therapy begins at the next appointment.


The duration of therapy can vary from a few appointments to ten or more. Meetings can take place either intensively every week or two or, for example, monthly according to your needs. Therapy appointments are strictly confidential. We recommend that you participateFor renewing relationship therapy together, because it enables your relationship to renew more effectively.

Ask for more information or order the service Write "Couple therapy" as the subject of the message.

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