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Sometimes in friendships and relationships, the skis cross paths once and for all. When the means to discuss and clarify things between the two of you have run out, it's time to contact a interpersonal diplomat!

Interpersonal diplomacy is a clarification service for resolving disputes and disagreements in friendships and relationships. Our diplomat offers a third point to resolve the divisive issue and creates a space where both sides can be heard. During the debriefing, we create a safe opportunity to also bring up difficult emotions, such as guilt, anger and despair. We try to find out what the underlying issues of the dispute or disagreement really are.

Our human relations diplomats are confidential, dedicated negotiators who have successfully solved seemingly impossible dispute situations. We have developed simple techniques and methods that we have found to be helpful in dispute situations. So it's not just about listening, although that is also an important factor in our work. 


The meeting with the interpersonal diplomat can take place in a public space, such as a coffee shop, our association's office or the subscriber's home. The meeting lasts about 90 minutes. It is important that both parties to the dispute come to the meeting of their own free will, because successful mediation requires that both parties want a solution to the dispute. The meetings are confidential, which means that the matters discussed in the meetings and the customers' personal information remain secret.

We will be happy to tell you more about the service -racket to us orcall directly to the interpersonal diplomat!

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