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Our growth retreats are growth events that take place over the course of one day.


The purpose of the retreats is to combine the essential themes of human growth with suitable, interesting activities. Each retreat thus has its own special content and environment, within which creative activities take place. 


The purpose of the day-long growth retreats in the capital region is to bring the benefits of the retreat into the middle of life and everyday life. The retreats are affordable and suitable for anyone interested in personal growth and self-development. 

Retreatswith facilitators has many years of experience working on themes of human growth and leading groups. Watch our introductory video here!

If the participants of the retreat achieve a good sense of togetherness, they can be helped to form a more permanent growth group, who can book retreats for their own group in the future, and for whom we facilitate inspiring and community-strengthening growth processes.

Welcome to the renewing growth retreats!


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