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Lunch,  conversations and relaxation

Soup and coffee are available in Siltasaari

every Tuesday and Wednesday at 2 p.m17

for €3



The last lunch discussions of the spring Tue 29.5. and Wed 30.5. from 14:00 to 17:00.

Report your result preferably before noon,

so that we can book catering!

We organize an afternoon lunch breakin our office in Siltasaari twice a week on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

We talk a little about everything under the sky, but especially topics related to the ultimate questions of being human:

  • What is human growth, and how can it be promoted?

  • In what ways can we make life better together?

  • What is a good life and how does goodness show up in practice?

The purpose is to relax in the middle of the day in good company and nourish both body and soul. There may even be spontaneous speeches and presentations on changing topics! :D


You can come and go for lunch at any time between two and five: you can come just to stop by or stay longer.

Warm welcome!

Arrival instructions:

Call, text or email your results and you will receive the door code for the outer gate.

Kia Kujala

040 566 9621


Max Aunola

050 541 9838

In the inner courtyard we are in crab E, ring the top buzzer Kujala/Aunola.

Walk to the 3rd floor and you're there!

Please note that our crab does not have an elevator.

Ilmoittaudu lounaille
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