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WelcomeTo the evenings of transformation come and transform yourself from the shackles of your usual self with the accompaniment of great stories! 

We explore and we celebratetransformation.Our purpose is to transform the way we encounter each other and see the world in fun creative ways.

The theme of the evenings isBig stories – movies and pop culture of our time. Star wars, superhero stories and other phenomena that speak to the deep levels of the mind and soul. For each evening, a well-known work or story is chosen in advance, and we will be enlivened by it during the evening. You can dress or otherwise equip yourself according to the theme :)

At think tank evenings, we try out different playful and artistic methods, with which we can find new dimensions from our own experience and thinking, and thereby new perspectives and SOLUTIONS to the world's most pressing problems - even in a superhero way!

The evenings are open to everyone bring your friends too! We encourage you to come, even if you haven't been to the evenings before. Snacks are provided, and you can bring your own refreshments.

Free entry.

Sign up by texting or calling to get the door code:

040 566 9621 / Kia 
050 541 9838 / Max

050 324 8398 / Jussi

Pitkänsillanranta 17 E 38, Helsinki, 3rd floor (Kujala/Aunola)

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